Runcheng Liu

I am a senior majoring in Mathematics and Physics at Tsinghua University. Currently, I am a research intern at Mila-Quebec AI Institute advised by Prof. Jian Tang. I am also a research assistant at THUNLP lab, advised by Prof. Zhiyuan Liu. Before this, I had a research experience at Institute for Advanced Study(IASTU), advised by Prof. Xuening Bai.

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  • [Aug. 2021] Our drug discovery platform TorchDrug is officially open-sourced. Check it out!
  • [July 2021] I am beginning an internship at MILA supervised by Jian Tang.

I'm interested in machine learning, natural languages processing, and drug discovery. I'm also interested in the interdisciplinary area of AI, computational biology, and physics. Please check out my CV for detailed research experience.

  • Academic Excellence Award, Tsinghua University, 2020
  • Successful Participant, MCM, 2020
  • Tsinghua Alumni-1997 Scholarship, Tsinghua Univsity, 2019
  • The First Prize, Chinese Physics Olympiad, 2017
  • The First Prize, Chinese Physics Olympiad, 2016

I was born in Minamata, Japan. I have an elder brother who is a Ph.D. student at MIT CSAIL. He is my best friend who motivates and inspires me to become better in my life. I love playing tennis and I am the tennis team captain of my department.

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