Runcheng Liu

I graduated from Tsinghua University majoring in Mathematics and Physics with Computer Science track. Preiously, I was a research intern at Mila-Quebec AI Institute advised by Prof. Jian Tang working on TorchDrug and TorchProtein.

I was planning on joining in CMU School of Computer Science as a Master student, but due to unsettled F-1 Visa affected by current complicated geo-politics, I will have to defer my admission. Currently, I am a free man, so I am looking for a suitable internship or working slot related to my research interest.

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  • [Sep. 2022] Another paper PEER accepted to NeurIPS 2022 Datasets and Benchmarks!(to be appear soon)
  • [May. 2022] I will join as a Master student in Computational Biology at CMU School of Computer Science.
  • [Feb. 2022] Check out our new paper TorchDrug!
  • [Aug. 2021] Our drug discovery platform TorchDrug is officially open-sourced. Check it out!
  • [July 2021] I am beginning an internship at Mila supervised by Jian Tang.

I'm interested in machine learning, natural languages processing, and drug discovery. I'm also interested in the interdisciplinary area of AI, computational biology, and physics. Please check out my CV for detailed research experience.

PEER: A Comprehensive and Multi-Task Benchmark for Protein Sequence Understanding
Minghao Xu*, Zuobai Zhang*, Jiarui Lu, Zhaocheng Zhu, Yangtian Zhang, Chang Ma, Runcheng Liu, Jian Tang
NeurIPS Dataset and Benchmark Track, 2022
project page / arXiv

A comprehensive and multi-task benchmark for protein sequence understanding.

TorchDrug: A Powerful and Flexible Machine Learning Platform for Drug Discovery
Zhaocheng Zhu, Chence Shi, Zuobai Zhang, Shengchao Liu, Minghao Xu, Xinyu Yuan, Yangtian Zhang, Junkun Chen, Huiyu Cai, Jiarui Lu, Chang Ma, Runcheng Liu, Louis-Pascal Xhonneux, Meng Qu, Jian Tang
arXiv, 2022
project page / arXiv

A powerful and flexible machine learning platform for drug discovery.

  • Academic Excellence Award, Tsinghua University, 2020
  • Successful Participant, MCM, 2020
  • Tsinghua Alumni-1997 Scholarship, Tsinghua Univsity, 2019
  • The First Prize, Chinese Physics Olympiad, 2017
  • The First Prize, Chinese Physics Olympiad, 2016

I was born in Minamata, Japan. I have an elder brother who is a Ph.D. student at MIT CSAIL. He is my best friend who motivates and inspires me to become better in my life.

I love playing tennis and I was the tennis team captain of my department at Tsinghua. Huge fan of Roger Federer, the GOAT in Tennis. He is my second biggiest inspiration for my life. Dream big and work hard, is what he taught me.

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